Plays by Mark Billen

Plays by an experienced writer and director.

Plays that are enjoyable to rehearse and perform.
Mark Billen  is an accomplished playwright who specialises in writing plays for young people to perform. 
His scripts have been highly praised for their suitability for schools and youth drama groups. 
Mark's plays have been performed in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and in international schools in  Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Singapore, Ethiopia and China.

The Love for Three Oranges
'We loved your script - great dialogue and humour and no patronising tone.'

Playing a game on a computer  causes confusion and chaos.



Baron Counterblast

A new play available for production!

Link: Beastly-Baron-Counterblast

Bl ... Bl ... Bluebeard!

A comic Gothic horror fairy story!

Link : Bluebeard

Perfect Pupil

A really funny play with interesting characters and plenty of surprises. 


Meet Britain's first Communist King!

LINK : The-Red-King

All in the Stars ...

Canard, the bumbling astrologer to King Confort, keeps making unfortunate predictions that cause comic chaos...

 LINK: All-in-the-Stars

Seeking Sleeping Beauty

A fairy tale twisted!
An unusual version of a famous story.

 'Cinderella's Sisters  ... 
happy ever after?'

    Cinderella lived happily ever after, but what       happened to her sisters, Clorinda and Tisbe?

                        Link :Cinderellas-Sisters
All Right! Snow White!

Annoyed by Snow White's happiness the wicked Queen Esmeralda seeks revenge!